Winter is here

I am constantly amazed at how Frida is growing. I know I said this last post, but her babbling is sounding more and more like words and sentences every day. I swear one of these days she’s just going to start talking.

It was a snow day here in Victoria, complete with power outages and everything. The rest of Canada loves to laugh at us for our pathetic amount of snow, and it’s true, it was not really enough to expect an hour long power outage, but there you go. There was about a centimetre of snow. A tree must have fallen somewhere or something. I thought Frida might enjoy her first snow experience, but she did not. She was quite interested at first, and sat looking around, and looking up at the sky, but when she started crawling she realized how cold it was. (And I realized that hand-knit wool mitts are inadequate for wet conditions. Boo.) She lay down to try to eat some of it (hilarious) but then started to cry. She looked very disgruntled and our play time was short. She pretty much demanded to be taken inside and after moaning around the front yard for a while she made a beeline for the front door, and I can only assume it was not a coincidence. If there’s still snow tomorrow we’ll try again, but with her leather mitts I dug up.

This was as good as I could get.

This was as good as I could get.

I am meeting up with a couple of other mums with babes for a 2x a month knitting bee. It’s fun… I’m pretty sure I knit about 2 rounds each time, but hey. Better than nothing. Here are the babes (I didn’t ask, bad me, so Frida’s face is the only one showing.)

They didn't even attack each other!

Happily playing

 Please note the colander. Frida is very adept at getting stuff out of the low kitchen cupboards now. The colander is a particular favourite. I realized after a while that it had been out in the living room for 2 days and I hadn’t noticed. It’s just become such a regular fixture its like I can’t see it, and I somehow miss it when I am tidying. And when I do see it she gets it out again and drives it around. She loves it. Frida’s getting better around other kids, she doesn’t go for the eyes right away any more. (With the occasional exception, of course.) These 3 played together cooperatively for a long time without any interference or refereeing from adults. I was impressed. These two moms are pretty chill too, which I’m sure helps, no one was hovering above going “Share! Shaaaaarrre!!!! GENTLE! SHAR-ING” Which honestly kind of stresses me out when I’m in a group of parents who are freaking out about sharing. What baby shares? They don’t, so no worries. All of them grabbed toys from each other without minding it and they had a blast.
She also loves her baths.
Soggy Bottom Baby

Soggy Bottom Baby

Who can resist a cute bath picture?? And isn’t Jonathan so loving and attentive? He’s the most wonderful dad. These two absolutely adore each other. I got the cutest video today of Frida laughing SO hard at Jonathan tossing a bag of diapers into the air and having it fall onto his head. She’s really into slapstick, our bebe. She also loves it when we fall over onto the bed, hit each other with pillows, sneeze etc. I spent months and months tickling her and making silly faces to no avail. She just wants us to pretend to hurt ourselves. 😉 Now THAT is funny. (Do you think she’s secretly a psychotic sociopath?!)

And last but not least, the enduring classic:



Ripping toilet paper!

Ripping toilet paper!


I’ll love you forever

I’ll like you for always

As long as I’m living

My baby you’ll be



7 responses to “Winter is here

  1. What a cutie! Her reaction to snow reminds me of a cat in snow.
    I love the last picture – a bit kittenish too.
    Frida is getting a lot of press today as I happen to have posted photos of her as well. So photogenic!

  2. Love the knitting group idea! I’ve picked up a crochet hook twice in nearly 9 months. And the hovering parents stresses me out too but then the other parents seem to get stressed when I don’t hover and am all “he’ll tell me if he doesn’t like being poked in the eye.”
    Happy winter!

    • Yes, this mostly happens at drop-in baby groups where people don’t know each other. It’s not so bad, I just have to hover a little more myself, which is something I don’t love doing. Because there is almost an unspoken expectation to hover.
      Happy winter to you too!

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