Wee One Grows

Our Wee Frida is getting bigger by the second. She is now 10 months old. In only 6 weeks she’ll be 1!!!  Hard to believe. She can do so many new things it’s amazing. Her “vocabulary” is growing all the time. She can say “mamama” and “dadadada” and also “nananana”- 3 guesses as to what that last one means. 😉 I could also SWEAR she said “duck” in context! More than once! But now a lot of things seem to be “dah!”, whenever she is excited about something. She is pronouncing quite a few consonants, including b, p, and g, and will no doubt start assembling them into words soon.

Destructo-Babe takes down a piece of French bread

Destructo-Babe takes down a piece of French bread

She’s developed a fondness for cats, no doubt spurred on by her visit to both her grandparent’s houses where the mysterious animals reside, staring cheekily at her and then running away as soon as she wants to play. She loves the page “Goodnight kittens and goodnight mittens” in her Goodnight Moon book and loves to point out the cats and squeak excitedly. I bought her a little stuffed cat today and she likes it a lot. It may become a favourite snuggly, though it has some serious competition in Owl, whom she loves unconditionally. She also is pretty crazy about her dolly.


Frida and Dolly

Frida and Dolly

Frida’s been trying really hard to stand unsupported and to stand up from the ground. She’s making great headway, but she does have a ways to go. One really excellent thing she can do is get down from a ledge feet first. For 2 months I’ve been turning her around and shoving her off of things backwards (the mattress, the edge of the sandbox, etc) whenever I notice she’s trying to get down. I was pretty sure I wasn’t getting anywhere with it, especially as she seems to have perfected the fine art of Face-Planting Unperturbed, but out of nowhere two days ago, she crawled up to the edge of the mattress, turned herself around and slid off feet first and has been doing it ever since! I think that’s pretty stellar for 10 months old, and makes me feel a lot less jumpy about her being on the bed, though obviously I am still watching her carefully.

She also suddenly discovered one of the structures at the playground and now instead of sitting next to it eating woodchips she climbs up it, through the tube, etc. She loves it, and can even get down by herself (backwards!) I’m now on a mission to show her how to go down the slide by herself.

I just have to include this picture of us at Goldstream park, during the salmon run. I particularly like it because it’s a sister photo to one I took while I was pregnant which you can see here. In case anyone misses the deep significance, that’s a nurse log we’re standing in front of.

You're getting real big out here

You’re getting real big out here

She’s really understanding a lot of what people say, sometimes it’s more obvious than others. If she hears the word “hello” in a conversation she’ll wave (SO cute, she also waves bye-bye, and waves to anyone who smiles at her). She’ll point me out if you ask “Where’s mama?” and she seems to understand me when I say “Don’t eat that,” which I say a LOT. She also is far more likely to drift off to sleep more easily if I explain to her I’ll just be in the next room and she can call me if she needs me. In fact, it’s happened so many times that I can’t get away without explaining it to her that I don’t even think it’s a coincidence.

We love our wee Boo-boo so much. I always say I’ll update more often but I never seem to get around to it… but I will try!

Jonathan and Frida at Goldstream

Jonathan and Frida at Goldstream


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