Chubalub goes to Ontario

It’s been way too long since I’ve updated, again, but I’m happy to say we’re all doing great. I thought I’d make this post some pictures from our trip to Ontario, late September to early October.

my favourite food

my favourite food

Here she is eating a nice fresh Ontario apple in Union Station, Toronto. She loves apples like crazy, and can actually eat a good portion of an apple, holding onto it herself and scraping at it with her toothless gums. (As long as it’s peeled first.) Pretty surprising actually. She gets very upset if you try to take an apple away from her before she’s finished with it, even if it’s only to rinse off grub from dropping it.

Frida handled the trip surprisingly well, much better than we anticipated. In fact, the worst part was the drive on either end. The plane, train and bus were all fine and dandy, but damn that car seat. She hates it! (We’ve got her a bigger one now, maybe that will help.) However, even the drive was fairly un-traumatic. In 12 hours of travel, we had 10 minutes of crying at the very end just before she fell asleep, which really was understandable at that point. And much better than the 11.9 hours of shrieking I was imagining.

tired boo-boo

tired boo-boo

The cabin was fun as usual, we saw tons of family and friends which was truly great.

Rhona and Frida

Rhona and Frida



I think I am right in saying that Pam and Dave were thrilled to finally meet their granddaughter. And we were thrilled for them too!



Uncle Albert!

Uncle Albert and Frida inspect a leaf

As usual, raccoons visited at the window



and we took long walks through the back woods.



I’m afraid it’s getting late so I’m calling it on this one. More later!


3 responses to “Chubalub goes to Ontario

  1. Very nice photos. What a great trip, and such a good traveller. How come she is getting cuter and cuter? I did not think that was possible!

  2. Thanks for this – very flattered that you included a pic of me with bubela.  I could forward it to Faye but I don’t seem to have any back copies.  Please could you forward them all to her Lovely to have met Frida and had some time with Bran and of course our Jona.  Love Rhona


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