Summer End

It’s hard to believe that September is here already. Summer has been a joy with Frida, watching her become mobile just as the world became warm and sunny was a real pleasure. We’ve had lots of time outside in the park, on the beach, even just on the front lawn. Today we made it to the Saanich Fair. 



You can see that both Jonathan and Frida are feeling slightly overstimulated 😉 . Though in actuality, it went quite a bit better then I imagined- the car ride being the scary part. She handled it quite well, even if she wasn’t entirely impressed. She loved the animals, the mini 4H hog competition we watched was apparently amusing to her. Chickens and bunnies were also appreciated, as were the horses. Fun was had, whale tails were eaten. (My first in years. It was so worth it. YUM)

after the fair

after the fair

This is us composing ourselves after the stimuli. And I just love this next one of us Jonathan took:

Mum, I think there's something on your head.

Mum, I think there’s something on your head.

And a sleepy babe after all the excitement:

IMG_2990At home and happy on the grass.






Also, this just happened:




I love my family.



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