7 Months

It’s been so long since I updated, I don’t even know what to say.

Frida’s very talkative, saying “bababa”  all day, she can pull herself up now, to standing and to sitting. She’s very mobile, and she’s loving it. Still no teeth in her wee gums, I keep thinking that they’ll pop through at any second but there is no sign of them.



She gets cuter by the second 🙂

I’ll just have to spam you all with more photos.



We are very sad to say that this adorable cat suit is getting too small. 😦 Time to go shopping!



This incredibly cute jumper is from my Auntie Tina. Thanks Tina we love it ❤

Frida’s been loving food, as you can see from the high chair in the background. She especially likes squash, we like to mix it with apple sauce from my parent’s tree.


This picture just plain ol’ amuses me. She loves it when we get down on the floor with her and now that she is so mobile she can scoot over and suck our faces- just what she’s always wanted, apparently.


Eating the camera whenever we pull it out is another favourite pastime of hers. We’ve just bought a new memory card with 3x the space of our old one, which is a good thing considering how many pictures we take of her.


What a sweet muffin head.

What a sweet muffin head.

Don’t mind the frass in the background of these ones, we are still working on organizing ourselves after having moved. It’s a sloooow process.

Don't you think she looks like me in this one? ;)

Don’t you think she looks like me in this one? 😉

If anyone talks to Pam before I do tell her not to worry, that we are printing these out and sending them to her this week. And there is already a letter on the way. I really have no excuse for falling behind on keeping Jonathan’s folks updated with photos, time just seems to pass so quickly these days! Happily we may be making a trip out there in the fall, it should be confirmed this week.

Frida and her dad <3

Frida and her dad ❤

Lately I’ve been escaping to the Y 3x a week while Jon watches BooBoo. It’s really great to have some time for myself and I love the Y. I’ve dispelled goals focusing on “baby weight” and am doing a strength training program. I’ve usually focused on running etc and have never done weight lifting and have really been loving it. I am actually super excited about it. When I can squat my body weight, you will all be hearing about it 😉

That’s all for now, update you all later!


4 responses to “7 Months

  1. Great seeing all of you!
    Everyone looks great and, most importantly, soooooo happy! I send you good energy and all my best wishes.
    Love and hugs,
    xoxoxo Uncle Larry in Tokyo (uh, mebbe that’s great-uncle or grand-uncle since Jon is technically “nephew-like-a-brother”)

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