On the move!

Frida is trying SO very hard to crawl. It all happened within the last 3 days or so. She realized that she can push herself up on her feet and move  around, and since then her learning curve has skyrocketed. We went out and bought plugs for the electrical sockets. I can no longer depend on her to be where I left her if I have to go to another room for a drink or something. Baby-proofing is underway. At first she was just spinning in circles, then going backwards, and as of literally 5 minutes ago, she’s figured out how to move forwards. I give it a week or two until she’s really mobile.



I’ve made a couple changes to my diet which have made a big difference to her fussiness.

1. Cut coffee. Yes, this was a sad moment in my life. MASSIVE difference however. No more screaming during nursing! I can’t believe I didn’t make the connection before. It must have been really hurting her tummy. 😦  I even deleted my breastfeeding post out of embarrassment. It was called “This is what breastfeeding looks like”. I should have called it “This is what breastfeeding looks like when you have a baby who has food sensitivities and who is in PAIN.” ugh.

2. Cut gluten. I kind of thought this was a bit woo-woo hoax at first but I’ve been proven wrong. This was a good move for both of us.   Coffee and croissants went to the grave together. *tear*


Another big ‘milestone’ coming up in Frida’s life is her 6 MONTH BIRTHDAY! Can’t believe I’ll have been a mom for a whole six months! We’ll officially start her on solids then. (There was a prior incident with a banana that we won’t talk about. I’m not even convinced that anything went INTO her mouth anyway.) My plan WAS (prior to said banana) to start her with salmon. So that’s what we’ll all be eating for dinner on the 11th.

To be honest I am feeling kind of torn about this. Obviously I know she needs to start eating solids, and she really wants to I can tell, but I am so enjoying nursing her and I feel like this is the beginning of the end. I didn’t even think I would be able to breastfeed at all, so to be able to have grown a fat, healthy, happy baby just from ME is a huge accomplishment, and I am so proud of us. I love our nursing relationship and I love my little breastmilk baby. I am counting down the days till her 6-month birthday with some sadness 😦 I actually get teary thinking about how I going to have to give her food. I’ve had two nightmares in the last week about people feeding her before I am ready. It feels silly. But I never knew how much I would love and value breast feeding her, and of course I know we will still nurse for a long time yet… and I know how much she will love food… so I am trying to focus on the positive. It is really hard to let go though. She’s my booboo baby. MY booboo baby and I don’t want to share her. 😦 I am actually glad for the WHO recommendations to not start solids before 6 months so I can put it off until then. If it were only up to me, I would delay it longer. But Frida is reaching for food and giving us signs that she is interested, so 6 months it is. 😦 I can’t even really articulate why I feel like this, I don’t think I really understand it myself. I am just feeling torn watching her grow up so fast.


Frida is the perfect baby. Every time I would imagine the perfect baby before I had her I would have this is what I thought of. This cute, cute little person. So sweet! So curious! So engaged! I love her.

nakie bum!

nakie bum!

Another experiment around here has been EC (elimination communication.) Honestly I’d say it is going about 40% okay. So, not amazing. The first day was great. I caught so many pees, she was so stoked, I was so stoked. However, she goes about every 15 minutes. That is a LOT. And even when I set a timer I miss tons and tons unless I am sitting right there with her. I can’t always be exactly right there. And now that she’s moving around and not politely lying on her blanket we’re going to have to find a way of protecting the carpet. I still really want to do this though, I just feel like I have hit a road block. Maybe it’s a laziness block. Maybe it’s a commitment block. But I still really believe in it and I want to be more on top of it. I do still catch her poos in the morning and a few pees. But it could be so much better. Who wants to sit in their pee and poo all day, smeared all over their butt, and up their hoo-hah? No-one, I don’t imagine. So I’m still trying.

at the beach

at the beach

Oh, and another thing. I am starting a six week long baby bootcamp on Monday!! Pray for me, everyone… pray for me.

That is all.


P.S. I am drinking a glass of wine. Ahhh…


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