5 months old

Frida is five months old now! My how the time flies. She’s a very social little butterfly and smiles at everyone we meet, she has lots of new words including “EEeeeee!” “Ptthhaaa” and “BBbbfff”. She loves talking and will often look right into my eyes and move her mouth, trying to say something. It is so very endearing and I would love to know what she wants to say. She can blow raspberries too.

Family Date- brunch at Lady Marmalade

Family Date- brunch at Lady Marmalade

It’s been a long, long time since we’ve attempted to take her anywhere in the car and I really think we are all happier for it. I am also more aware of her nap habits and need for consistency around these times and so have reduced crying that way too. She is very loud and insistent as usual- people who hear her crying still often asked in a concerned way how things are going, or even “Do you think she might have a bit of colic?” I have to remind myself that she is not crying because I am an inadequate mother, or because she is colicky but rather because she really wants to communicate and that’s how she gets it done. She has a cold at the moment which is sad- sad to hear her weeny cough and her weeny snore at night- but she is on the mend and doing better then she was a couple days ago. She’s my little bug, so sweet, I love her like crazy.

Nursing on the #3 bus.

Nursing on the #3 bus.

On my end of things I am trying to get ready for a Baby Bootcamp I signed up for on a whim. I have no doubt I will get my ass thoroughly whipped as I am in very poor shape. I’ve been going on a couple runs and doing some other stuffs which have all left me feeling the burn after very short periods of time. But I don’t want to be the lamest one in the class so I am trying to get my butt in gear. Not that I am comparing myself… But I am used to being the one in gym class who is sweatily heaving herself along behind all the athletic people. One reason I love running, there’s only you and yourself! I am SO not a team sports person. Anyway I am really looking forward to this and I could really use it, there will be other moms and babies, and it’s FREE- six weeks long, three classes a week. It was a promo offer and I really lucked out because the class filled up within 12 hours. When its over I will have a platform to start running again from- right now my fitness level is just truly depressing.

Anyway, back to Frida.

I’ve found these days one of the easiest ways to keep her amused is to lay her on the deck on a blanket.

under the tomatoes

under the tomatoes

She just loves watching the birch trees in the wind. Though today it crossed my mind that she might get eaten by an eagle. I know, I know, it sounds totally ridiculous, but my brothers friends little dog was carried off by an eagle at the dog park only a few blocks away from here last year. And I wouldn’t be surprised if many missing cats in the area hadn’t succumbed to a similar fate. If I were an eagle I would definitely think to myself “Now there’s a fat grub”. (I think this all the time anyway.) So I think it’ll be 100% supervised deck laying from now on… whereas before I was putting her there so that I could get dinner made and eaten. With very frequent check-ups, in case anyone is worried. (I know babies should always be supervised btw. And sometimes ya just wanna eat.) But I’ll have to find more creative solutions since can’t stand the image of a bird of prey swooping in and carrying her away in its sharp talons.

As usual it continues to be a great joy to be a mom and I am always thinking all the things we can do together and how I can make everything as perfect as possible for her. A day doesn’t go by where she doesn’t get her walk to the playground, and maybe the beach, and I love kissing her milky belly and thinking of the travels we’ll take together and where I might send her to school. It’s the best thing ever to have her in my life and I am so blessed. And while I’m woo-woo-ing, it is also the best thing ever to have JONATHAN in my life, the greatest partner in existence, without whom none of this would be possible (literally) or enjoyable. Hurray for wonderful partners who value hugs and communication and laughs and all the rest. Yay- Thank you Jonathan. Thank you Frida.

I love you

I love you




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  1. As always, wonderful words and images (and images created by your words!) give me a virtual visit feeling even if I’m on the other side of the planet. Sending love and good wishes, Uncle Tokyo Larry (^_^)

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