Cute Babies and The Perils Of Being A Small-Town Midwife

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and it seems like Frida is changing every day. She is going through a massive growth spurt at the moment-  it’s lucky that my auntie sent some bigger onesies because she very unexpectedly started fitting them and for a while they were the only thing she had to wear!



I swear she skipped a size. A friend even commented that she looks bigger then she did two weeks ago.

On a whim I decided to apply to be a vendor at a local market, and was accepted- so I’ve been sewing up a bunch more fish as well as dinosaurs in a mad rush to try and have something available for the weekend. I think it will be fun to try- I’ve been having moments where I think NO ONE will want ANYTHING but the one time I did do a market it went well so I am still hopeful…

Look at how strong she’s getting!!

tummy time!

tummy time!

Jonathan bought her the manhattan toy and she loves it. More than Caterpillar, which is a big deal.


I’ve also knit her a little short sleeved summer hoodie since her other ones are definitely too small now- it was a really quick project based on the Little Coffee Bean Cardigan, for anyone who is interested. It just needs buttons (which I’ve misplaced.)

hooded cardie

hooded cardie

I didn’t really do the hood quite right but for winging it I think it turned out well.

On another note, my midwife Katie McNiven has run into some problems with the local hospital denying her privileges which, if unresolved will essentially run her out of town. This local hospital has denied privileges to another midwife in the past based on similar unfounded allegations and that midwife did get her privileges back but not without wracking up very expensive legal fees. Unfortunately Katie is now going through the same process.The hospital’s reasons amounts to “lack of collegiality” which is simply untrue, Katie is incredibly easy to work with and is amazing at what she does- including working seamlessly with another midwife she’s never worked with during my labour and delivery.

I personally feel that this is a completely political move, and an example of a small town institution waving their fists around knocking down anyone who doesn’t fit with their ideas of what maternal care should look like. Katie is in good standing with the BC College Of Midwives, her competency is not in question, and she has had privileges granted at several other hospitals in BC including the renowned BC Women’s Hospital. Katie’s core values are centred around women, their families and making informed, safe and healthy choices. It really sucks that she is the one who has ended up in the middle of this birth politics debate. Now for the caps locks part:

PLEASE CONSIDER SIGNING THIS ONLINE PETITION to the hospital asking for her privileges back. There is no one who deserves it more than she does. This blog is not about plugging various causes at all, but this one is close to my heart as Katie has done SO much for me and my family. If you want to read my testimonial to her on her webpage, click here: testimonials

And on a final note, here is Frida enjoying the jasmine plant near our house. It’s a favourite stop for her as she loves to grab at flowers… and it’s so fragrant.



More soon!



4 responses to “Cute Babies and The Perils Of Being A Small-Town Midwife

  1. Oh my, Frida is so big since last you posted! And so wide eyed with wonder! I signed the petition – and I’m so sorry that this is happening. It happens a lot on both big and small scales. We just finished passing some legislation in the state where I live to protect midwives and the most ridiculous allegations came out in the process. I hope it has some effect – even though I’m no where near BC!

  2. Boy isn’t Frida a bean sprout! And that knitted hoody shot is priceless.
    I too signed the petition, a few weeks ago. I have known Katie since she was Frida’s age and the concept of her being non-collegial has to be false. She is a wonderful caring cooperative sharing kind person. Exactly the type that hospitals should be full of.

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