Roly Poly

We are getting more settled into our new place, though nothing is quite picture-worthy at the moment. There are a couple of things I am proud of finding, such as an excellent bed for Frida and a wooden clothes drying rack that is both beautiful and functional. Frida tolerated the move without a peep, though she may have slept a bit more the first day. Jonathan and I have both been feeling run into the ground though, and just this morning agreed that we might have managed to catch up on a bit of sleep. I am no longer trying to stay up until midnight unpacking boxes and set up the house, which is helping me, but leaving things in chaos… oh well.

To be honest, this post is mostly about sharing the recent photos of Frida, since I finally got some photos of her beautiful smile!!

Here they are: (all of them!)

she's thinking about it...

she’s thinking about it…



still smiling...

she can’t help herself!

she can't help herself!

still smiling…

she doesn't actually laugh yet but I'm sure she's laughing in this one.

she doesn’t actually laugh yet but I’m sure she’s laughing in this one.

Well, there you are. Now you can see what I’ve been seeing for weeks. In other news, she had her 4 month doctor’s appointment on Monday and has been declared perfect (of course). She also moved from the 10th percentile in weight and height to the 50th percentile! Yay! What a chubster!

She’s changed her sleeping patterns very slightly, in that she wants to get up verrrry earrrly (5am) and doesn’t want to go back to sleep. I’ve been working on convincing her however- this morning I got her back to sleep until 8am which is much better. By 8 I mean she woke up clucking and thrashing every hour but was nursed back to sleep until 8 when she yelled to get up in a very determined way.

When things have calmed down a little more around here there will be a new-house update.

Till next time!


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