Just a wee update

We’ve got the keys to our new place! We went by to see it and take some pictures. I brought our aloe vera plant and a roll of toilet paper, since I’m so smart.



It is so gloriously empty, which has me spending too much time on apartmenttherapy.com and filling pinterest with ideas. It’s a very ordinary apartment, with 12x more carpet then I’ve ever lived with but I am confident we can make it into a nice cosy home. ❤

inaugural nursing

inaugural nursing

In other news I made some cookies for May Day…





Lime icing= yum.

And I finished a scarf I’ve been working on. It’s now on its way to Vancouver, to go live with my aunt who is recovering from open heart surgery. After her surgery she told me she was only the second person with this condition in her surgeon’s 30 year career to not die on the operating table. Scary, especially since I had no idea it was that serious before hand!



Hane scarf.

Aaaaand Frida is the cutest thing to ever grace this planet as per usual…

one of Jonathan'a creative toy contraptions...

ghost bunny flies!

sleepy baby.

sleepy baby.

That’s it… slightly dull update for others but fun for me to look back on. ❤




7 responses to “Just a wee update

  1. What delightful post. That inaugural feed post is wonderful! It looks like your new apartment is going to be great.

  2. I found you from comments on KD’s blog… followed you here… great blog… darling Frida… and I’ll be watching to see how your new move works out !

  3. Hi! Isn’t Kate Davis amazing?? I swear almost every single one of her designs is on my to- do list. And her blog is so interesting and well written. I am always so excited when she posts.

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