Wobbly But Proud

Because I’ve decided to post, Frida will be waking up very soon. But at the moment she is peacefully sleeping in her carseat (!) and has been for the last hour. (!!)

She’s been doing great, and the most exciting thing around here is that just 2 days ago she finally figured out how to hold up her own head! She is so pleased with herself and has been obviously loving looking in all the directions other than down. As she gains more control over her movements I can see her becoming more amused and proud of herself. It is really just so adorable watching her wobble her head around in every direction, looking surprised and delighted.

This comes just in time to start using a forward facing carry in our woven wrap. We’ve had her in our arms for the last few weeks as she is NOT putting up with the ergo and NOT putting up with the stroller- both of which she faces backwards in. Both will still be handy for the future but at the moment they are a no-go. On the other hand, we took her out in the woven wrap the other day and she barely noticed she was even in a wrap at all.


We walked around for about 20 minutes and she didn’t make a peep. She just looked around happily. O.O  This was a few days before her miraculous head control so it did droop downwards which was sad. I decided not to take her out again till she could hold up her head. Maybe the walk inspired her to try extra, extra hard to strengthen and co-ordinate those muscles!

Here’s what else she’s been up to:


Drooling and nomming on everyone she can get her hands (mouth) on. (This is Larkin.)

Yes, drooling and head-holding… important things in the life of a baby. And therefore to her mom.

Have I mentioned that we’re moving?!? Though it may seem like a giant hassle to move with a 3 month old, it’s nowhere near the hassle that living in this sh*t hole is!! Excuse my language but I am SO THRILLED to be getting the hell out of here!! I can’t even begin to describe the variety of way in which this place sucks. The great part is that the apartment building we’re moving into is the same one my grandfather lives in- and in fact we will be sharing a wall with him. Units 304 and 305 respectively 🙂 I had a lot of reservations about living in an apartment since I’ve always lived in a house, and it has a lot of advantages (a yard, possibly quieter etc) but this apartment is great, really well managed and in my favourite part of this city. It is beautiful, quiet, 4 blocks from the ocean, 2 from the farmer’s market, the city park, shopping village… walking distance to my parents house and to downtown. And we’re going to have a deck garden, full of herbs and hanging baskets… and there is so much more room in the new place. Frida will have her own room, and a big play area! Yay! Yay! Yayyy…!

She wakes! Quick press publish!!


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