An eventful week

Hey everyone!

I'm walking!

I’m walking!

A few things happened this week.

1. I went for a run, which was a bit hilarious. I was out for 20 minutes, definitely NOT running the whole time… I may or may not have made it a block before needing to walk. However, compared to where I was just a few short weeks ago, this is a huge improvement and a really good sign. As to where I was a year ago, well… I can’t think of my progress in those terms. So I won’t!

2. I developed the evil, evil mastitis. But then I got rid of it again. With! Garlic, Vitamin C, phytolacca, bed rest, nursiiiinnnnggg, and warm compresses. Luckily it wasn’t far along enough that I needed antibiotics. But it HURT! So glad it’s gone. Thank you Jonathan for babying me so I could get better asap. Also thank you Frida for being such a good little nurser even though it tasted salty.

Thank you, my sweet pea.

Thank you, sweet pea in a pod.

3. The ever faithful exercise ball, which we were using as a replacement for a rocking chair, POPPED out from under Jon when he was bouncing Frida on it!!! Yes, they both fell, but are both very okay. Luckily, the ball was on a futon, so they were padded falls from not very high above the ground. Still, scary. We may be soon writing to the manufacturer. After only two months of use, that should not have happened. We had even bought a good quality, extra thick one to prevent what we thought was a SLIM possibility of this happening. GEEZ.


annndd… 4. I finished knitting my mum’s mittens. Here they are!



These were supposed to be a Christmas present. Hah! Well, I managed to get them to her for her birthday. Knitting while breastfeeding is not easy, but now I know it’s possible. I see more knitting in my future. Yay! (if you like, add me on Ravelry, I’m BlueWhale)

All for now!


5 responses to “An eventful week

  1. That is a pretty freaky story, the popping ball one. Something to remember when Frida is all grown up. I wonder who was more surprised, her or Jonathan!
    Nice mitts!!!!
    I love the middle picture – “holy diaper mess Mom, was that a rat that just ran by?”.

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