A whole two months!

It’s been two months since Frida was born, which is crazy to think about. She becomes more delightful every day, we love her so much.

handmade sweater by Katie The Amazing

handmade sweater by Katie The Amazing

Plus, handmade socks by Mum The Amazing.

So guess what my most effective parenting tool has been this week?

Aside from breastfeeding of course- it’s Aretha Franklin! Turns out Frida is really into R&B. She especially loves the song “I say a little prayer.” She’s fallen asleep to this more then once and wakes up if the song ends. I’ve had it on repeat a few times. (Whatever works!) Sweet Honey in the Rock is also a close second. I love that she loves music. It’s so fun to watch her stop fussing and listen intently.

I’ve been more active then I’ve been in a long time recently, which is GREAT. I played a round of ‘tennis’ with a friend which felt awesome. Tomorrow I’m going for a (gasp!) run. I’m so excited, it’s been months and months, and I’m finally feeling ready to give it a try. 20 minutes to start out with, but still. I’ve started getting ansty from not moving enough. Which is a nice change from lolling around getting winded from climbing the stairs as a pregnant lady. (Side note: Frida is snorting like a piggy in her sleep and it is soooo cute.)

having a snooze

having a snooze

We used the stroller for the first time the other day and I would say it was a semi-success. Frida wakes up in it a lot more then she does when being carried, but we were still able to get around and we didn’t even have to carry the groceries. Hallelujah! It was nice to walk freely but Frida didn’t like it as much and why should she? Mum and Dad are so snuggly and warm! I don’t doubt that there will come a time when the stroller will be indispensable but for now we’ll keep carrying her. Plus, our walks are kind of like Jonathan and Frida’s snuggle time. But here she is bundled up so warm in her chariot:

so cosy

so cosy

Since I was taking her out of her stroller so much to carry when she started fussing I ended up hoisting her over my shoulder for our walk which she loved. She loves to see new things! I also had more breastfeeding in public excursions all over the place since I found walking along while feeding her worked fine and got our day done faster than stopping all the time for half an hour here and there. It was fun, I’m still not really used to having my boob out while walking down the street but if baby’s hungry what is there to do about it?

my little walrus

my little walrus

You can’t really see anything anyway.

So that’s all for now.




Sleep tight! Don’t let the bedbugs bite…




4 responses to “A whole two months!

  1. It’s great that you are getting more mobile and active, and that Frida is too. That is a very nice sweater that Katie made! Maybe Frida’s uncle can play some R&B when she visits him, as a calming measure if she is fussy.

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