back into fibre.

It seems like just the other day I was knitting up this vest for a baby I didn’t know yet.

Handspun vest

Handspun vest

I’d had the fibre for several months, as a gift from Jonathan for christmas. It was alpaca and silk which I blended and then spindle-spun. Turns out I didn’t have quite enough so I got a bit more alpaca in a slightly darker colour. There’s a stripe of it on the back as well as the front pocket. The buttons are donated from my mum’s button box. It’s a really special vest that I took a long time to make.

And. Last week it was enormous. Seriously huge, no way would it fit. In fast, I had her in her significantly smaller version of the same vest for one last wear before she grew out of it.

Tiny handspun vest

Tiny handspun vest

Jon suggested yesterday we try her in her brown one. I put it on her (just to humour him!) and it fit perfectly! Too perfectly. Almost too tight, in fact. Here she is:

The wait is over, she fits it!

The wait is over, she fits it!

She’ll be wearing this vest all week, just to make sure I get some use out of it. She has gone through a huge growth spurt recently and looks older, feels heavier, and has grown into several new outfits. I’ll have to raid the bottom drawer tomorrow just to make sure there’s nothing in there I ‘ll get to too late. So glad Jon pushed for trying the vest on, I would have been so sad if she never got to wear it at all.

In related news, I actually got as few rows done on a project that’s been in limbo since Frida got here. I didn’t think I would miss knitting, but I have. I’m so happy to be working on this again. I only hope my tension is relatively the same!

ta ta for now….


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