I did it!

I’ve officially conquered my low milk supply!! This makes me ridiculously happy. She hasn’t had donor milk for about 2 weeks and is gaining excellently. I’m so thrilled that all my hard work supplementing, stuffing myself full of galactagogues, pumping, and nursingnursingnursing all paid off. And I’m equally happy that she’s still not had a drop of formula to date. Her health will be forever positively impacted because of it. I’m so proud of myself 🙂

Frida is happy about it too.

Frida is happy about it too.

Isn’t she so stinkin’ cute?!

Let’s have another then.



Look at those big wide open eyes. And the way she is holding up her own head! Don’t they just grow up so fast?? And it’s only been seven weeks.

The city is blooming- I keep seeing daffodils and thinking it is way too early for flowers to be out but it’s already March. We went on a great walk today down to Bubby Roses Bakery where we indulged in pizza and hamentashen. I also stopped at the bookshop across the street and got a wonderful copy of Alice in Wonderland with full page illustrations on every page, from a collection of vintage editions. It’s really great and I can’t wait to read it to Frida. (In 7 years, but whatever.)



Frida sniffed her first cherry blossom. She slept through it but I like to think she enjoyed it anyways. We also got out to a for-real restaurant for the first time. Frida nursed while lying on the table while I ate and everyone was happy.

She also squawked a bit but thankfully it was short lived.

She also squawked a bit but thankfully it was short lived.

So here’s one more picture before I go- Frida loves to pretend-stand. I swear she doesn’t know that she’s a baby. She thinks she’s all grown up and wants to do the things we do.

She's practically walking.

She’s practically walking.

I’ll leave it there, but as usual we are loving having her and she is more amazing everyday.




12 responses to “I did it!

  1. Wow, Bran, you and Frida are doing SO WELL!! I am looking forward to meeting wonder-baby sometime soon.

  2. Thanks for the newsy entry: beautiful little Frida is certainly growing up well! You are both doing a great job!

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