very much awake

Frida ‘dancing’

Frida’s turning into a different baby!

She’s been so active recently, and been much more alert and awake then she ever has been. She loves it when I make her ‘dance’ and loves been paraded around so she can look at things. She’s no longer content to passively lie in people’s arms and will cry if you try to make her. She wants you to stand up and take her places so she can see things. She loves looking over shoulders and and is just so cute the way she stares around. She bugs her eyes out in surprise at new things, like when Jonathan took her outside and scrunched rosemary under her nose. I don’t blame her, that must have been strong!

She’s almost six weeks old now and weighed 8lbs 4oz two days ago. This is really exciting, since we are trying her off her supplemental milk. So far it would seem she is still gaining around an ounce a day, which is ah.mazing. I rented a pump and have been pumping to up my supply for the last week as a last attempt to pull out all the stops. Week 6 is when your supply stabilizes at the amount your body thinks it needs to make, but since this isn’t a magic number we’ll be renting it for week 7 as well. I have pretty high hopes for this, but we’ll see.

Frida has definitely getting longer. She’s about the same amount of chubby as she ever was but has suddenly outgrown her smallest onesies. I am getting out the next size now which is awesome since the colours are getting more interesting. Like now she fits one of her black onesies. Oh, the things I get excited about these days…

black is the new black

black is the new black

Isn’t she so cute?!

Frida continues being h-core.

Frida continues being h-core.

Gawd I love her.

She’s fussing… I think it’s bedtime!


2 responses to “Awake

  1. Look at that sweetie! It is great that she is joining the land of the sentient, she is going to be getting so much more engaging and demanding every single day.
    Nice pictures!

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