one month old

Frida is a month old today!

And very exciting news: yesterday, for the first time she smiled a REAL SMILE. She looked right at me and had a gummy grin. It was so beautiful!!!!! It was the best smile I’ve ever seen. Perhaps eventually I’ll be able to catch it on camera.

at the Parsonage

at the Parsonage

snug as a bug

snug as a bug


I’ve been able to go on longer walks these days which is really excellent. I walked down to Mothering Touch yesterday carrying Frida and it was no problem. (4kms total) Three weeks ago I had barely left the house and it was a challenge to get farther than a couple blocks. So I am feeling great, way better then I was when I was pregnant. In fact, I am sooooo glad to not be pregnant anymore. Did I mention I didn’t like being pregnant? What a drag! I tried not to go on and on about how much I hated it but I feel like I say that now without being too whiny. I was not a glowing pregnant women. If I ever was, it was because I was so sweaty. 😡 Did you know some women LOVE being pregnant?? Crazy talk, I tell ya.

Being a mum for the last month has been so wonderful, I love it. I can’t wait for Frida to get older, but I also am sad about it: She is such a sweet little thing, I love her just as she is.



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