Frida’s been doing great the last few days, growing well (and pooping, sleeping, and eating, what else??) 7lbs 4.5oz, ta daaaa…!

She had her first “play date” yesterday, I am so sad to have not gotten a picture! She and her little  8 week old friend stared non-commitally  at each other for about 3 seconds while their parents talked about Baby Things. (Read: poo.) We met these peeps in our prenatal class. It was great to get together, I hope we can do more of that. It was especially nice to breastfeed together since it is still a little foreign to me to be whipping out my boobs for Frida at every squawk, whenever and wherever. So anything that normalizes the process is good. At least I don’t have to be naked to accomplish this monumental task anymore! Sheesh. Anyways, I feel like I might actually have a real “baby friend”. Yay.

And tomorrow we are going to visit another baby friend who just had her baby a few days ago. Aren’t we social butterflies, getting out once every other day!

the woven wrap

the woven wrap

I wore Frida outside yesterday, and usually it is Jonathan. He tends to do his coat up around her, which makes it look like he is smuggling something sketchy around under his clothes, and we’ve actually got a couple of weird looks being out like that. Nobody has any idea we’re carrying a baby. We just look like shoplifters. My coat doesn’t do all the way up around her so her little face was peeking out, and woah, that was a different experience. I was swarmed. People were craning their necks. She does look extremely small in there, and still weighs less then plenty of newborns so I wonder if people were thinking I only just gave birth and then popped out for a snack? She’s coming up on a month old, though.

Here’s Jon with the new wrap:


Awww. Frida loves snuggling with her dad.

snuggle snuggle snuggle

more later!


4 responses to “Out!

  1. I love your woven wrap: did you weave it? or is that a stupid question? Nice to follow your news from afar and to think of you having such fun with little Frida! Hop to see her before she’s out of the wrap…xox

  2. She is just a little bundle of cuteness! And you guys make baby-wearing look absolutely natural! Glad you’re all doing well. xx

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