I love you, wrap

A friend of ours, Jodie, recently gave me a woven baby wrap. I LOVE IT. We also have something similar to a moby wrap (made of stretchy material) but it really wasn’t working for me. I could never really adjust it properly, it took me 5 years to get it on while Frida fussed and then she would flop around in it, or cry if it was tightened. Also it wasn’t comfortable, so I never used it.

The woven one is totally different: easier for me to tie, more comfortable to wear and wayyy more secure feeling. It’s transformed my evenings into times when I can be semi productive (I can pee! I can get a snack!) instead of only being able to sit on the couch. I had an amazing week last week when friends and family came by to help me and I would pass Frida off when I needed to use the washroom or something. But I was beginning to wonder what I was going to do when I didn’t have all these handy people around… obviously letting her cry for a minute while I pee is not the end of the world, but also not that nice and is a bit stressful. Now with the magic wrap she is calm. For example, tonight I sat here dutifully nursing her for 3.5 hours in a row (!) and cuddling her and bouncing her and changing her and doing whatever I could think of and she was fussing and fussing. I put the magic wrap on and she instantly passed out. Yay! THANK YOU JODIE!! I feel like a new independent (with baby) person.

Here she is bugging her eyes out about something. I can't wait till she can tell me what she is thinking of!

Here she is concentrating on something. I can’t wait till she can tell me what she is thinking of!

In other happy news, I am thrilled to say she is finally gaining weight at the desired speed: one ounce a day. Today she weighs 6lbs 15oz, which means tomorrow she could be 7 whole entire pounds. She is long past her birth weight of 6lbs 10oz and so has given us all some room to relax. I can’t tell you how a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I finally feel like I’m getting it right and that my baby is not in danger of starvation. (I know she actually never was, but these things feel scary to a new mum.) At this point I can actually see that she is fattening up which makes me happy.

Here she is using her tubey to get her extra milk:

*mash* YOM YOM YOM

Waaaa-*mash* YOM YOM YOM

Yes… I am pale. But anyways, we’ve almost perfected the skill of sneaking in the tube through the corner of her mouth without disrupting nursing. The way she looks at it out of the corner of her eye makes me laugh, and feel bad at the same time… I still hope for the day when we don’t have to use this thing but it’s working so well right now that I’m in no big rush. We don’t use it every time, and so far it has done nothing to affect our nursing relationship except improve it.

Again huge thanks to Katie for helping me with this. Where would we be without people like this in our lives?? I would be stressing over bottles and formula while my nipples lay in ruins. (tmi, I know.) I hearby swear I will pay all this amazing knowledge forward to those who need and want to know.


8 responses to “I love you, wrap

  1. Wow, she has really put on weight in the past few days. You are all doing such a great job!
    I don’t think I would want to be looked at like in that top photo too often – its like some kind of corporate CEO learning bad (really bad) financial news.

    • haha- Actually, it just occured to me that she might be pooing in that photo. And CEOs tend to act as though they’ve got something up their butts, so maybe that’s why it made you think of that…

  2. Haha, I recognized that pooing face right away! Good job, Bran and J on the fattening of Frida! Great progress! I can’t wait to meet her…………!!!!!!!!……

  3. curious about the ‘tubey’ . . . do they still have La Leche Leagues? They were a lifesaver when I had my kids. I gave up nursing my first one after 12 weeks, but the other two were nursed for two years, with the help of La Leche League. Frida seems to be gaining weight fine . . . I wouldn’t worry too much. It’s nice to have a smaller baby and so long as she’s content, then you’re doing fine. My third one was a smaller baby and it took him awhile to start gaining weight but you’d never know it to look at him now. She’s a lovely baby . . . I know her Grandpa is very proud of her . . . love seeing his pictures. . .

    • La Leche leagues do still exist- there are a couple chapters around here, but I haven’t been able to make it to a meeting yet. I would like to, though. I’ve heard they’re great. The tube is a way of supplementing at the breast, which has lots of benefits one being that she is more likely to empty it, and therefore increase my supply, and therefore hopefully be able to ditch the tube in the future.

  4. Woven wraps are just the best! I used a stretchy wrap with my girls when they were little… but once they started to beef up (and they did it fast, started out average, then got huge) a woven wrap is awesome. Actually, I have a sort of wrap addiction 🙂

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