The Fattening of Frida

Well, at the midwives office yesterday we discovered that despite our best efforts Frida is still not gaining at the rate she should be. There’s no emergency, but we do need to re-evaluate what we are doing…

Basically I was waiting too long after nursing to supplement her the last couple days so all the time I thought she was refusing to eat because she was full, but actually it was because she was too tired. Initially this really upset me that I could have missed this, but really she is doing fantastically well in every way except she is not gaining weight at the desired speed. She is pooing what seems like millions of times a day (for those who want to know…), has a good amount of energy, wakes herself up to feed and feeds for a nice long time… So I am trying not to blame myself for missing the fact that I needed to supplement after 20 minutes instead of 40. It feels like there is a pretty steep learning curve involved with being a new parent!

Frida in a mixing bowl

Frida in a mixing bowl

I popped her on the kitchen scale. It says 6lbs 11oz but earlier that day in the office she was 6lbs 7oz. This is the problem with using different scales and weighing at different times of the day.

Sunday is her next weigh-in so we shall she how she does.

The other thing is that she’s got what apparently is called “breastmilk jaundice” which is jaundice that extends beyond the usual 1 week time span. It has no affect on the baby whatsoever except they look a little carroty for about 6-8 weeks. Sigh. People have even been commenting on her “olive complexion” which she doesn’t have: she’s got my complexion which you can see in the post “Frida” where we posted pictures from her first day. So for the next month or so she’ll be a bit yellow until things clear up. Oh well, could be worse!

One triumph Jon and I are patting ourselves on the back about is our discovery of how to make Frida’s baths enjoyable. She hated the first bath we gave her but the last two she has contentedly floated with her arms out, adorably staring around. The trick apparently is to avoid the shock of just ripping her clothes off and sticking her in the water. We’ve found we can dip her in the water while still swaddled in her receiving blanket. She initially gets this bug eyed look as the water creeps in but then she relaxes and you can take the blanket off. This time she even fell asleep. She doesn’t like being wiped though, and started to cry when I actually insisted on washing her neck etc. But then she relaxed again in her cosy towel we had warmed for her on the baseboard heater. So hopefully she will learn to love baths and water and eventually I can do fun things with her like take her swimming.

It’s 10:30, so bedtime for us. More later.



6 responses to “The Fattening of Frida

  1. I think you should believe our nice digital scale – it is giving you the better news, it *must* be the right weight. Sounds like she is doing just fine, carroty and all.

    • Yes, I would prefer to believe it too. But sometimes it fusses and tares at 2 ounces, and she also had her pj’s on… but that’s still an ounce more than in the office!

  2. It is a steep learning curve especially in ‘modern’ society where the first baby we ever deal with in our life is our own! Really?! Humans have the longest, most labour intensive care of young compared to any other animals (because we are so smart 🙂 altho gotta wonder at times about that). My mantra for the first year: eat, sleep, stay clean – not all in one day. You are doing a great job!

    • Anne, so true. I certainly haven’t had a host of babies to practice on. Luckily with midwifery care they provide so much support, and they are following her weight closely so I don’t have time to let any slips get to a point where they are anything other than slips! Sorry I missed Lindsay this Christmas, say hi to her for me!

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