January 23

Today is Frida’s due date!

She is doing so well. The stress of the first week has mostly passed. The first three days and nights were definitely the most exhausting, because I couldn’t have slept if I tried (and I did). I just couldn’t believe that I could be unconscious and that she would be okay at the same time. On the fourth night I was so exhausted that sleeping wasn’t too much trouble, but shortly after that we learned she wasn’t getting quite enough to eat so we had to supplement her with a bit of extra milk. That was incredibly draining, as she wouldn’t take a bottle so we had to feed her with a syringe. That was just the worst, most stressful thing, because she wouldn’t take it from me because she wanted to nurse, but couldn’t at a certain point because I’d run out. It made me feel awful to see someone else feeding her, even though it was of course the best thing for her… and the other thing is, unlike nursing, she couldn’t tell us when she was done so really we had to feed her until she cried (HORRIBLE). So there were a few days of stress.

But now she's growing a big milk belly!

But now she’s growing a big milk belly!

Things are much better now. I’ve started taking domperidone which increases milk production, and when we need to supplement her we have a new system which allows it to happen at the breast so she can control her intake. She takes about 3 ounces extra a day which means she’s getting almost everything from me, and it is possible that in the near future we won’t need to supplement her at all. As a result, everyone is happier, less sleep deprived, we both spend a lot less time crying and more time playing and being cheerful. And she is fattening up at a delightful rate and any potential weight loss was nipped right in the bud, which is great.

I’ve also started being able to get out of the house regularly which so far has involved morning trips to the Cornerstone Cafe. Frida LOVES being in the wrap and Jonathan loves carrying her. They are so cute.

Jonathan's grown a suspicious pot belly.

Jonathan’s grown a suspicious pot belly.

Speaking of Jonathan, it is so nice to see the sparkle in his eyes these days. He really seems happier then I’ve ever seen him. Where’s emo Jon gone?! He so loves Frida, and she so loves him, it is such a joy to see them together.

She was passed out like this for about two hours.

She was passed out like this for about two hours.

Here is more of her adorableness.


I told you guys I was keeping this blog to post endless pictures!! Okay, and I can’t resist this one. My family will recognize this as my childhood bear, who is currently exactly the same size as Frida. In fact, she’s been wearing one of his t-shirts recently as all of her own clothes are far too big for her still, even the “newborn” sized ones.

Gee and Frida

Gee and Frida

She was sleeping and unaware that I was indulging myself with posing her for cutesy photos.

One more.

smoosh face.

smoosh face.

Gotta go, someone’s hungry!


7 responses to “January 23

    • Thanks so much, the more info the better! I’ve found it to be incredibly rewarding in so many ways, I’ll be doing everything possible to increase my supply as much as I can.

      • You’re welcome. I’m glad you are finding breastfeeding to be such a blessing! I feel that way too and my little one is 16 months. ❤

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