a week and a day

Well, it’s only been a week and a day with Frida and it already feels like forever. She is such a delight to be around, we both are loving it, though of course sleep deprivation has set in in a big way.

They say newborn babies don’t smile but both me and Jonathan regularly see her with a little smile on her face. I can’t wait till she actually smiles at us, and considering how often she smiles to herself it must be soon. I am also really looking forward to finding out what colour her eyes will be. Since both Jonathan and I have hazel eyes and our families have all eye colours in the mix it could be anything.

snuggle pie.

snuggle pie.

We’ve been snuggling a lot under our red mama and baby bear blanket. Wouldja lookit that squishy face. Turns out she is looking a little more like me than Jonathan so far. I was so convinced she was going to look like Jonathan, but turns out my genetics are nice and strong :).

Uncle Birdy

Uncle Birdy

Today we ventured ever farther out of the house, all the way to the Parsonage, though I did have to get a ride home.

Frida's first coffee

Frida’s first coffee

Just kidding. We all forgot our wallets so we didn’t get anything to drink but it was a great walk. I’d almost forgotten that there was an outdoors at all. I swear I will go for a walk everyday now, it was so nice. Katie was here visiting and helping out in a massive way again. THANK YOU KATIE <3<3<3

How can her hands be so tiny?

How can her hands be so tiny?

Oh Frida, we love you. More when I have time!


2 responses to “a week and a day

  1. Beautiful healthy baby – gorgeous colouring – ummmm I just want to hold her too! Big congrats to you and J. during your special moment – which in hindsight is so short (including the sleep deprivation thank goodness). Sing, smile and enjoy!

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