Frida with a cute little almost-smile, a few hours old.

Frida with a cute little almost-smile, a few hours old.

Here is the birth notice I just sent out:

Hello all,

Jonathan and I are so happy to announce officially the arrival of our baby daughter, Frida Robin, born on January 11th at 11:27am. We had a relatively fast delivery, from 4:30am to 11:30am start to finish. I was very lucky to be able to deliver her at home with the help of our excellent midwives and friends Katie and Illana. Everything went very smoothly with no complications, she is vigorous and healthy and nursing like a champ. She is so beautiful and we are so lucky to have her in our lives.
Some fun facts:
weight: 6lbs 10 oz (3kgs)
head circumference: 33 cm
length: 47.5 cms
We’ve had a few family visitors so far and will be ready for more soon. Just give us a call if you’d like to come over, and we would love to see you!  I’ll be replying to individual emails a bit slowly but am so happy to read them and am thinking of you all. My blog online is and I’ll be posting even more photos and updates there for all who’d like to see them.

Love, Bran

I don’t really have too much new to add at the moment other then that things are continuing to go well. Here are some of the pictures included in the announcement:

The second day

The second day


A little tired, but very pleased.

And here’s some of dad. We don’t really have too many pictures of all of us together yet and none that are really suitable for public consumption. Soon we will!

What a teeny human. And such a proud dad

What a teeny human. And such a proud dad

“Schmick, schmick, schmick,” is what Frida was just saying here.

She was born on a really nice day.

She was born on a really nice day.

I love this next one because it took me way longer than this to get a good latch on her. She instantly latched onto Jonathan like a pro and then proceeded to mangle me (owie) while figuring out how to actually get some breakfast going. I am mostly healed now thank goodness.

Does this thing work?

Does this thing work?

We actually have bazillions of pictures by now of course. This is the weirdest one of myself that I actually really love.

Is that a placenta smoothie??

Raspberry, in case you were wondering. Hopefully people don’t consider this picture tmi since I feel like that it kind of sums up what just happened in a sort of amusing way. I’ve never tasted anything so delicious in my life. Laboring from 4:30 am to 11:30am meant that I had missed breakfast and at this point I was suddenly extremely hungry. Frida is so fresh and pink and only about 45 minutes old. And of course there is Katie, my beloved midwife who was so, so amazing. She was staying with us for 3 days on either side of the birth (she is psychic) and was a support and help in a way I can’t possibly describe adequately. Everyone should be blessed to have a friend so amazing and knowledgeable around during and after birth to alleviate any concerns and answer questions  at the drop of a hat. I especially can’t thank her enough for supporting me with starting nursing since that was something I was really worried about, and which so far is going great. Thank you Katie, I love you!

I’ll be posting more later but for now sleep deprivation is kicking in. Till next time.


5 responses to “Frida

  1. Nice post! And beautiful little girl. We are so pleased to have met her 🙂
    That last caption is a bit, well… eh hem. I’ll leave it at that.

  2. welcome Frida! and congratulations to you Bran and Jonathon!! Happy day!!! can’t wait to meet her and see you all!!!

  3. ps…I will always remember what day is Frida’s birthday because it is also Ivan’s birthday! a very lucky day!!!

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