37 weeks

Officially full term today, woot woot!

Still due on the 23rd but as of today, there will be no preemie babies here. Good job, baby!

you're getting real big in there.

you’re getting real big in there.

Now I can post the picture of the hat I made my dad for Christmas.

aran hat

aran hat

It’s made with the leftovers from my vest. I actually have just enough to make one more hat. Maybe I’ll make one for my own self.

There are knitty things for my mum as well but I can’t post them because they aren’t done. Sigh. Soon though…  so soon.




5 responses to “37 weeks

  1. It is indeed a truly lovely hat. Rumour has it you spun the wool too – do you know what kind of sheep the fleece came from?

    And good job baby, indeed! Not much time left before you will be meeting the little one.

  2. It’s local to Vancouver Island but is what they call “mixed fleece” aka an unknown crossbreed. It was washed and processed into roving at Qualicum Bay Fibre Mill.

  3. Bran, you are so beautiful! Skilled, too, apparently! I wish I were closer so I could see you in person. Katie will fill me in.

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