Comparison pictures

Jon and I went on a little photo shoot today with our amazing new little camera. It has everything I like in it about a manual (aka a light meter that you can SEE working, among many other things) without being enormous and heavy like my current camera. Perfect for stuffing into my purse and taking hundreds of baby pictures with!!! YAY

So I thought I would put up some pic-pics from earlier as well as today for a wee comparison. I don’t have all that many pregnancy photos, just a few here and there from when I started showing. Here’s the first one, taken in August:

four months pregnant

four months pregnant

At this point I thought I was SOOOOooo pregnant, and couldn’t understand why no one could tell. I thought I had a HUGE bump. In reality don’t even vaguely look pregnant. Everyone else was right, I was wrong. I was so, so wrong. And deluded.

The next one is from mid September:

five months pregnant

five months pregnant

That shirt doesn’t fit me anymore. Anyways, things were more obvious at this point.

Then there’s that one from November I posted earlier. And from today:

eight months pregnant

eight months pregnant

Woohoo! Bellybellybelly. No one tells me that I don’t look pregnant now. Baby is rolling around in there like a crazy thing. Sometimes we try to get it to talk to us. “If you’re a girl, kick once.” “If you’re a boy and you want to be circumcised kick 4 times.” (It didn’t respond, which we approved of.) It really likes Jonathan and whenever he touches my belly it wakes up and starts prodding him. Now that Christmas is behind us and now my mind is starting to be (more) occupied with nest-y projects to get things organized around here.

I am so grateful to have time off, especially now. I do get tired so quickly and doing things like putting my shoes on is unreasonably hard and stressful. Today’s walk ended with me crying in earnest about some insignificant topic just like the last four walks we’ve gone on have. I feel like a toddler, having a breakdown if I have to leave the house for more then an hour without getting to have a snack or sit down. Luckily Jon is so good to me, I am really the luckiest person in the whole wide world to have such a great partner.

mooshy mooshy moo

mooshy mooshy moo

You all will have to excuse the cheesy/vanity post today, it’s really for the sake of my own record-keeping that this entry exists. Till next time.


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