Something’s In There

So today I managed to capture a little video of baby with the hiccups- the ball of yarn on my stomach makes it a little easier to see it jumping. Hopefully other people can see it move as well as just me- it is most active at the beginning and end of the 1 minute video. I was trying not to breathe so much but that just made me want to breathe more. Hopefully you can decipher the hiccups from me breathing. It kind of goes ‘blip…….   blip….. blip’ etc with a funny little roll at the end that you might recognize as a larger movement, or might not. It’s a little different for me, since I can feel it too.

By the way, that gorgeous scarf I am wearing was woven for me by Jon, with yarn from my mum. Thanks guys! I was wishing for something that could drape over my belly and keep it warm without me having to buy a maternity jacket that would only fit for 3 weeks, and it does the job perfectly and looks great too. I wear it almost every day.


Other things in craft-landia have included near constant use of the spinning wheel and knitters loom by Jonathan who has turned out to be a fibre aficionado. Following a spinning lesson, he pumped out 1.5 lbs of spun alpaca which was promptly woven into the most excellent toddler sized woolly blanket only last night. It’s a great blanket, using either local and/or handspun yarns. It still needs sewing and finishing but it’s getting closer to being done. I think Jon is in ultra-production mode.

not quite off the loom

not quite off the loom

Jonathan's excellent alpaca yarn

Jonathan’s excellent alpaca yarn

I’ve been making things too but can’t post them yet since it’s 3 days to Christmas. But here’s what I made for myself:

Odin's Ravens mitts

Odin’s Ravens mitts

I love them.

And, aside from all this playing with string, we’ve been busily moving things around making room for the baby. Humungous thanks to Cathy and Claire for gifting us their most excellent stroller, along with clothes, toys, and many other useful things. Also thanks to my parents for the chest of drawers/change table which has made it possible to wash and organize all the clothes and diapers. It really is the greatest thing to have less things to think and worry about.

And, as a final update, I am now 35 weeks which means in two weeks I will be considered full term!! Grow baby Grow!





3 responses to “Something’s In There

  1. What amazing handicrafts! I can’t believe you knitted those mittens!!!!!!!!

    Thank you for sharing the bouncing yarn baby belly hiccup!

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