The calm before the storm

Another post full of pictures! Huzzah…

nuno felt

Felting has been the most recent activity lately, aside from growing another human inside my abdomen, obvs… blerp. It’s really overcast today so that’s the best pic I have… a little snippet.

I also made a tea cosy for my non-standard sized tea pot. More felting, with a resist. I didn’t do a particularly amazing job making sure it was structurally sound so I had to line it. But I actually like the lining. And it made embroidery a lot easier since I didn’t have to care about long threads hanging off the back.

wouldja look at those liddle sheepies.

It really wasn’t meant to have any type of baby theme at all but somehow a lamb crept onto the cosy with its parents… one of them being a horn-less ram, oh well. The sun is covering a hole. (shh.)

And here is the back:


5 responses to “The calm before the storm

  1. Nice tea cosy! Not to mention the socks (shh, i did not mention them). All of your felting is awesome, I hope you have the time to do more.

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