The Pregnant Walrus Blogs Again

Katie came to visit us the other day and brought us a book from Portland which I LOVE: The First 1000 Days. It’s a baby book but the nicest I’ve seen, with paper cut-out stencil art. Not frilly or pink or blue or anything.

I’ve tried to get a couple pictures of myself since I realized the other day I didn’t really have any. Katie and I had gone to the Chinese Cemetary to do a mini photo shoot but realized when we got there that the camera battery had only enough juice for one photo before it died. The photo was okay, but sadly not in focus. The next best is the one below that Jon took the other day… If my smile looks a little forced it’s because it was raining and I didn’t want to put a sweater on because I thought it would hide my belly. (I was in denial however, nothing hides the belly…)

Anyways I’m not feeling too wordy today but thought I’d do a mini update. Stay tuned for pictures of tiny, fuzzy socks…


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