The Post That Won’t Post


It’s been a loooong time since I posted anything, but since things have changed I thought maybe I would post again and redirect the focus of my blog to fibre-y things and baby-y things.

To move to Read Island is a far away dream now, unfortunately… We were ready to do it, up to the point of just needing to submit the paperwork for our offer on the property when I found out I was pregnant. A very exciting thing, but it did put a dent in the land-ownership plans since we realized there was no way we could fund and dedicate ourselves to both projects at once. That was in May.


Now it’s October, Jon’s birthday was yesterday (Happy Birthday Jon!) and yesterday was also the first day of my third trimester. Eeek! Pregnancy has been fine with no complications, though I do have a lot of nausea still I am grateful I don’t have any of the other more serious pregnancy complaints. I’ve been huffing and puffing about where we live since I am not overly thrilled with our location but I think it’s time to relax about it and just accept where we live, since neither of us have the energy to even look for another place at the moment. It is more stressful to be freaking about about it then it would be to just see the benefits in our current place and settle in.

In other news, I have just finished a major project which I started last year, which is spinning and knitting a garment from local wool. It’s a vest and turned out very well.

The photo is taking forever to load so I’ll just keep typing… It’s a 3 ply worsted, some of it is navajo plied- The first bobbin which I test knit into a hat and the last bobbin when I didn’t have anything else to ply it with. The vest is surprisingly even in weight considering I started with only 3 months of spinning experience. I ended with 10, though, since it took me 7 months to complete, even working on it very regularly. There was a three month dent during my first trimester when watching a wheel turn in circles sounded like the most nauseating horrible activity I could think of where I didn’t get anything done. So I don’t know exactly how many hours it was, but it was a lot. The vest was sized to another vest I loved wearing before I was pregnant, so I know it will fit me eventually, even though it doesn’t fit at the moment.

So perhaps I will keep updating maybe as a way to stay in touch with far away people since I have abandoned Facebook permanently. Okie dokie! That’s it for now!


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